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Hi I'm Mark, Nice to meet you

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I'm Mark Thomas (better known on the inter-webs as That Gent Mark) an illustrator, visual developer and web designer from Surrey, England.

My journey to where I am today is a little different. I grew up being taught that know matter what you do in life, you have to make sure you're happy. This has led me through a plethora of jobs before realising that my love of illustration and web design is what truly makes me happy.

"I love doing this stuff! The more and more I learn about different techniques and finding my own style, the more I fall in love with illustrating."

I have been an avid gamer pretty much since birth and this has been a massive influence to my imagination. Creating storyboards, new skins and building environments is something I love doing - learning skills and styles from my favourite artists have helped shape my own.

Aside from visualising my imagination artistically, I love to design websites. My goal this year is to work towards becoming a freelancer full-time, illustrating and designing web sites for clients big and small.

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to know more, hire me or just make friends - get in touch!

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